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Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera

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The Backup Camera You Need For RV!

- Easy plug & play set up with magnetic mount, no wiring or drilling required
- 300ft digital wireless range, guaranteed to work even at highway speeds
- Battery-powered & rechargeable, last 8 hours on a full charge
- Automatic infrared night vision lights up to 30ft in the darkest night
- IP68 waterproof withstands all weather elements

Tired of constantly requiring assistance while hitching?

Get it right the first time with Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera!

Hitching Made Quick & Easy!

The Magnetic Hitch Camera is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a powerful magnetic base which can attach to the back of your vehicle for each hitching. You will be able to connect your trailer quickly and easily to the receiver hitch in seconds!

No Internet Access Needed For Connection

No worries on adventures without access to the internet! After being turned on, the camera will generate its own unique Wi-Fi signal to be connected on your mobile device, allowing you to see the camera view on your device's screen. The strong Wi-Fi signal provides an uninterrupted connection for distances up to 300 feet.

Move Around Freely With Magnetic Setup

The Magnetic Hitch Camera can be moved and mounted on any magnetic surface! Feel free to utilize the camera for hitching, reversing, blind spot monitoring, or simply monitoring the inside of your camper. Simply mount the camera at any desired location for monitoring!

Easy Set Up & Installation

After mounting the camera and switching it on, simply scan the QR code on the instruction manual or head to the App Store (IOS) / Google Play (Android) on your mobile to download the application (free). Once downloaded, just connect to the Wi-Fi signal that the camera provides, and you will be able access the camera view on your device.

Clear Night Vision Visibility & Waterproof

4 infrared lights provide clear visible night vision up to 30ft even in the darkest night! Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera is rated IP68 waterproof and with a strong magnetic mount that can withstand extreme and harsh weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Product Specification

Wi-Fi Signal Transmission Range: 300 to 600ft
Camera High Quality: CMOS Sensor
Waterproof: IP68
Viewing Angle: 150°
Infra-Red Distance: 30ft / 10m
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°
Battery Capacity: 10000 mAh
Recharge Time: About 8 hours
Recharge Voltage: USB 5V / 2A

Package Included:
1x Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera
1x USB Power Cable for Rechargeable Battery
1x Instruction Manual

How do I connect my mobile to the camera?

Simply scan the QR Code on the instruction manual, or go to Appstore (IOS)/ Google Play (Android) on your mobile to download the application. Once downloaded, connect to the Wi-Fi signal that the camera provides. Open the app and use.

Can the camera work on any wireless monitor instead of phone?

No, the Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera is designed to be used with mobile-only (Android & iOS).

Will the mount withstand if I accelerated my RV?

Yes, the Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera have been tested to stay still even if your RV goes up to 100 miles per hour. However, we do recommend our customers to not leave it out overnight as people can steal them easily. (You can attach it to the door of your RV at night as a security measure too!)

Does this require Wi-Fi for viewing? My RV goes to deserted places with no Wi-Fi signal most of the time.

The Wi-Fi is generated from the camera, so your phone connects to it with its Wi-Fi ability. No Wi-Fi signal is needed on your mobile's end.

How do I charge it, and how long will a single charge lasts?

The camera is rechargeable with the USB cable provided. A full charge should last you up to 8 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Clarence Koon

My truck doesn't have a back up camera so it was frustrating to get the hitch lined up. Now, one attempt and done. When I'm backing up my RV, I just stick it on the RV's bumper and I have a clear view. When I was backing my trailer into the garage, I wanted to see my side clearances so I just stuck the camera up on metal bracket in my garage and could see my approach from a completely different angle. Picture quality is great and video frame rate is very good.

Kj Steel
Strong Magnet

Portability is the key here. This unit does not require permanent mounting or a wired connection allowing several ways to use it. Made as a backup camera or use as a security camera

Jeff Havely
It is Amazing

Excellent product. I use it for hitching the caravan. Lined it up first time and no shouting with the wife. Then when at the caravan park I put it at rear of the van to help reverse. I dont leave it on when traveling.

Jeff G.
Works great!

The cameras had great magnets. Both cameras did pair perfectly to my phone and tablet. And having one camera set to the side as well as a camera on top of the hitch I did it the first time perfectly

Thomas nitzkowski
Easy Camera solution

The camera does work with my pixel 2 phone, and the magnet is good as is the signal at a distance (I used mine for a trailer)