Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

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The Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush is the world's first, fully automatic toothbrush. This patent device brushes all your teeth at once, fully automatic, and finishes in just 30 seconds. All you have to do is press a single button, wait 30 seconds, and you’ll have perfectly clean teeth!

Even while showering, the Full-Body Waterproof Toothbrush will continue to function normally. The Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush is 360° edging soft, specially designed ultra-soft brush head, deep cleaning, no damage to gums, improves oral health in people with braces and receding gums, safer for teeth and durable. This is especially great for adults and kids who face difficulty brushing their teeth.

Efficient & Fast

The Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush removes impurities and bacteria from your mouth in just 30 seconds with thousands of vibrations. The antibacterial effect eliminates pathogens and microbes for a healthy oral flora.

3 In 1 Function

1. DELICATE brushing ideal for people with sensitive teeth.

2. MASSAGE gums to promote better blood circulation and have healthy teeth.

3. TEETH WHITENING with the cold light. Even severely discolored teeth can turn bright white again in 1 to 2 months using 30 seconds a day.

How To Use

1. Evenly apply toothpaste to both sides of the mouthpiece.
2. Place the mouthpiece between your top and bottom jaw.
3. Move brush side to side for the ultimate brushing experience.
4. Enjoy your clean, bright smile.

Customer Reviews

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Anna S.

I have used it for past couple weeks and I must say this is pretty convenient. My teeth feel really smooth after using it. Works better than I expected.

Stacey C.

I have been using this product for about 9 months as part of my daily oral hygiene. I am NOT a dental professional but my dentist and I both LOVE this product.I am a 67-year old woman and the photo below will give you some idea of the whitening effect of the device. It takes only 45 seconds! I have purchased 5 as Christmas gifts last year! The delivery time is short and the price & value is superb. I highly recommend this device for both cleaning and whitening.

John S.

This has been a very welcome addition to toothbrushing routines! It is easy to use and holds a charge well. I have sensitive teeth and was a little concerned, but it doesn't hurt my teeth at all. My teeth feel super clean after using , more clean than a regular toothbrushing feels. I think the whitening feature works well, also, and I noticed a difference after just a few uses.

I didn't see anything in the directions that was clear about using a specific toothpaste or gel. So I use my own toothpaste in it, and it works just fine and cleans off just fine. Also, make sure you use chapstick first because it can hurt your lips a bit if they're dry at all. Otherwise, great product and we are happy with the purchase!

Faith S.

I normally use it after I brushed my teeth. The sonic vibration deeply massages my gum and it feels so good! I believe this toothbrush is a good addition to my at-home dental care routine and its soft bristles and gentle vibration can help me prevent receding gum line. I highly recommend using this product to enhance mouth cleaning!

Nadine A.

I like the simplicity of the product. The instructions were vague regarding how and what toothpaste to use, but I got past it. Doesn't brush the tongue and cheeks which I normally do and want to continue to do. I probably will still brush with a traditional toothbrush first thing in the AM, but use this product throughout the rest of the day after meals and as a quick touch up. Super fast and easy, although you do look kind of dorky with the handle hanging out of your mouth when in use.