The Bounce Tamer
The Bounce Tamer
The Bounce Tamer
The Bounce Tamer
The Bounce Tamer
The Bounce Tamer

The Bounce Tamer

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 Searching for the perfect sports bra to end bounce? You are in the right place.
This is the sports bra that keeps you comfortable and supported even for high impact workouts!
  • Adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes.
  • Two-way stretch fabric reduces bounce.
  • Highest level of support and control.
  • Wire-free seamed cups for natural shape.
  • Removable breast cups for modesty.
  • Zipper garage to protect from chafing.
Made To Fit Anyone

Always getting bras in the wrong sizing? The Bounce Tamer is made to fit all body shapes & sizes simply by adjusting the straps!

Ultimate Support

By pulling the straps & lifting the sports bra, it gives you the ultimate support and comfort even during high impact workouts!

Bounce Control

For my big busted ladies, the struggle is real when it comes to working out. But trust me, The Bounce Tamer will actually hold your boobs in place no matter the cup size!


S ( 70-84 ) 32/70A 32/70B 32/70D 34/75A
M ( 85-91 ) 34/75B 34/75C 34/75D 36/80A
L ( 92-100 ) 36/80B 36/80D 38/85A 38/85B
XL ( 100-107 ) 38/85C 38/85E 40/90A 40/90B
2XL ( 107-114 ) 40/90C 40/90E 42/95B 42/95C
3XL ( 115-125 ) 42/95D 42/95E 42/95F 44/100B
4XL ( 126-135 ) 44/100C 44/100D 44/100E 46/105C
5XL ( 136-145 ) 46/105D 46/105E 46/105F 48/110D

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

When I say nothing works for my double D girls, its an understatement. I've tried so many sports bra that just don't give enough support during workouts and it's annoying with them boobies bouncing away. This though, turns out to be amazing. Might be the straps or something but you can tell the bounce significantly reduces compared to normal sports bra.


my workouts were so hard because I lack support from all the other sportsbra I've bought. Ever since I bought this, my workouts have changed 10 fold and I will never purchase other sportsbra again!

Sue Lawrence

This was my first purchase. I was unsure but with a little patience and a couple adjustments I'm in LOVE!!

The best of the best

I love the Pullup sports bra, it’s definitely not your typical sports bra! The price was worth it and I’m still able to move a lot with no detention whatsoever. Thank you so much for changing my perspective on working out after my breast augmentation. I’m ready to kick ass!🥰🤞🏾

Diane L.
I'm in love with this

I’m in love with this bra. I need another one ASAP