No-Sweat Underboob Towel
No-Sweat Underboob Towel
No-Sweat Underboob Towel
No-Sweat Underboob Towel
No-Sweat Underboob Towel
No-Sweat Underboob Towel

No-Sweat Underboob Towel

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This quirky towel prevents underboob sweat!
If you’ve got big breasts, chances are you’ve experienced the dreaded underboob sweat during summer. Not just that: Sweaty boobs can also lead to more serious concerns like chafing or underboob rash, but all that is about to change with the Underboob Towel!
wet spots on T-shirts?

Sweating immediately after a shower? The Underboob Towel is a sweat and water absorbent cover up keeping you dry while getting dressed or after a shower.

no oppsy daisy

The Underboob Towel is a halter-style lounge bra that goes around the back of your neck. Simply adjust the strap at the back accordingly to secure.

fits cup c to h

The Underboob Towel comes in sizes that fit ladies ranging from cup C to H. We're currently working on a project for our girls in the itty bitty titty committee so stay tuned!

Customer Reviews

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Great Quality

This is worth the cost. I have bought less expensive copy cats and they are not worth the savings. These are super soft, good weight and feel of the fabric. Well made and hold up well with daily usage. Helps if you are large chested and get rashes from moisture under the breast.

This is perfect for breastfeeding!!!!

Omg this has got to be the best thing I've bought, this just makes breastfeeding so much easier, no worries about milk leaking no more!

Randy H.

I bought this for my wife. I love to look at it, and she loves to wear it!

Omg this towel is amazing 100%

I love it it’s so soft very comfortable. I recommend 100% no more sweating under the boo’s. Ladies it’s a must have.

Cheyenne Cowell
Buy it now!!!!

Ok. You guys. I was so skeptical. I saw this thing on tiktok and thought “no way”. I’ve had two babies so my girls don’t sit pretty where they used to. I thought how great it would be if I could use this for when I get out of the shower and while I’m getting ready. Well, I’m hooked. I love it lol. It legit has an adjuster in the back where you can pull one side higher than the other to even them out!!! (I’m laughing so hard writing this - but we’re all girls here right LOL). I’m a 34DD and they stay put too. I was going to add a picture on here but that might be too much for y’all to handle. Bottom line - this thing is amazing and sooo comfortable. Best boobie invention ever. Buy it now.