Mini Magnetic GPS Locator
Mini Magnetic GPS Locator
Mini Magnetic GPS Locator
Mini Magnetic GPS Locator
Mini Magnetic GPS Locator

Mini Magnetic GPS Locator

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Always paranoid over losing something valuable?
Worry no more! With the Mini Magnetic GPS Locator, you can have peace of mind that your loved ones and valuable assets are safe.
  • Easy to use: Insert a working 2G SIM card into the device, then track and map (with Google maps) in real-time over the internet.
  • Dial SIM card number from your cellular device and you can hear voice around this tracker, you can monitor and spy what's going on around the tracker silently and secretly without alerting those around
  • Voice Recording Function: Send text message 555 to SIM card number, and it will start recording audio, SIM card (for GPS tracking) and mini memory (TF) card (if you would like to take advantage of the audio recording component of the device) are not included;  Text 555 again to stop recording.


  • 1x Mini Magnetic GPS Locator
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x User Manual
Usage Guide

Preparation for Tracker
- a 2G SIM phone card (for GPS tracking and audio listening) and mini memory (TF) card (for audio recording)

Our suggested SIM card for within the U.S. would be SpeedTalkMobile. We have personally tested the device with this SIM card. You can find 30 day cards on Amazon for as low as $2.00. It beats $40 heavy tracking fees + utility fees on rip-off big brand GPS trackers by a long shot! If you are outside of the country, please locate any SIM card that supports 2G network. It should say so in the description. Please also ensure that 2G network is supported in your country.

Open the card cover and insert the SIM card (make sure to activate through SIM card provider first) and mini memory card (if using this to record audio). Product will start blinking with a red light. Give it 15-30 seconds to configure and then the light will become solid. It will only blink from after that when the battery is low, which won't be for a while.

Functions and Uses of the Tracker
Dial the SIM card’s number with your cell device to hear the voice around this tracker at any time. Please note that it may be illegal to spy on parties without their consent, depending on your state.

1. Binding Master Control Number
Send an SMS with the code "000" to the GPS tracker number, then you will receive a short message back confirming the tracker is configured and all good to go. This MUST be the first step prior to using all of the other functions of the device.

2. Separate audio recording
Send an SMS with the code "555" to the GPS tracker number, and you will receive a reply saying that the recording has begun. Send the same code again to stop the recording.

3. Sound monitoring
Send an SMS with the code "666" to the GPS tracker number, and you will then receive a call whenever the sound around the tracker is greater than 40dB. When you answer the call, you will be able to listen to the noise around the tracker and what is being said/going on.

4. GPS tracking
Send an SMS with the code"777" to the GPS tracker number. It will reply with a geographical position and Google Map link. When you click the link, you will be able to see the location on the map and monitor movement.

5. Hear sound around the tracker
You can simply dial the number of the card in the GPS tracker directly, and then you will be able to hear the sound around the tracker within seconds.

Note: GPS tracker does not emit any sound or light when doing this; it is completely unnoticeable.

6. Find positioning trajectory
Send an SMS with the code "102" to the GPS tracker number. It will then reply with the link to our affiliate website, where you simply need to create an account for free. On here, you can monitor real-time position, but this time through a computer platform.

7. Delete the memory card content
Send an SMS with the code "445" to the alarm locator number and it will reply with a message saying that the wipe was successful.

8. Check the status of tracker
Send an SMS with the code "888" to the alarm locator number and you will receive all the information of the tracker back in real-time. This information includes: all functions of host, on or off, battery capacity, binding number, signal strength, boot frequency, GPRS TF card capacity, etc.].

9. Reboot and reset the tracker (reformatting)
Reboot: Send an SMS with the code "999" by mobile phone to the GPS tracker number, and wait for 1 minute for the complete reboot to complete.

Reset: Send an SMS with the code"444" to the GPS tracker number, and you will receive a message back confirming that the reset was successful.


1.Do I need a SIM card?
Yes, a SIM card is required and can be acquired from your local T-Mobile or any service provider's store. You can refer to the Usage Guide above to see which SIM card we recommend and have personally tested with the tracker.

2. Is the Mini Magnetic GPS Locator tracker waterproof?
It is made to be of a waterproof design, so you never have to worry about a rainy and wet day.

3. Why can't I send a message or make a call to the tracker?
You must insert your SIM card, then it will allow a call or message to go though. If this has already been done, the device may be low on battery and need to be charged/have the battery replaced.

4. Why can't the memory card be read?
Try a different memory card if it cannot be read, but this is normally not an issue. If you need to, you can reformat the memory card referring to the Usage Guide above and try again.

5. How do I turn on the tracker?
The tracker will be turned on automatically when a power supply (either by cable or new battery) is connected. It is automatically on when there is a source of power and a memory and SIM card inserted.

6. Why won’t my tracker charge?
Make sure not to take the SIM card out when charging.

7. Is the device free of charge?
The Mini Magnetic GPS Locator tracker does not require platform fees and is free for life! The only thing you will need is a proper functioning activated SIM card.

8. Can the tracker work in my country?
As long as your country supports 2G network, the tracker will function to the highest potential - assuming a reliable SIM card is used. Please ensure to check that your respective country supports 2G.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Patrick Custer


Jacob S.
Great tracker

It's great very small,easy to hide,very easy to set up.

Randy H.
Fast delivery, solid product

Arrived faster than expected. Packaging was sturdy and the item was just as described.

Tim Harrison
Great gadget!

Perfect size. Just insert a working sim card and your ready. Great investment for an automobile. You can hide it under the dash.

Cheyenne Cowell
5 star Magnetic GPS tracker good quality

Great quality product and great size and strong magnet as well... comes w charger but not sim card or mini SD card which you will need to work it and use it. But after all set up and working sends good gps signal of location to your cell phone...