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BoatTrailers™ Reverse Hitch Guide

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Easily Reverse & Launch Boat Trailers With Ease!

-30ft WiFi Wireless Connection

-Easy Installation with Magnetic Camera Mount

-150° Wide Viewing Angle

-Clear Visible Night Vision

-No More Trial & Error Or Assistance Needed

Why You Should Get The BoatTrailers Reverse Hitch Guide

Easy Reversing & Hitching via Mobile

Be rid of any assistance when reversing or hitching boat trailers! With BoatTrailers's 150° viewing angle, simply connect via WiFi to your mobile device to see the camera view on your device's screen.

Easy Installation With Magnetic Mount

BoatTrailers come with a strong magnetic base that easily mounts to any metal surface with no hardware.

Great Night Vision & Waterproof

12 infra-red lights provide great night vision of up to 30ft even on the darkest night! BoatTrailers is also waterproof and can withstand most weather elements.

Safely Reverse Boat Trailer Now!
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I connect my mobile to the camera?

Simply scan the QR code, or go to AppStore (iOS)/Google Play (Android) on your mobile to download a mobile application named 'iWFCam'. Once downloaded, simply follow the instruction manual to get the camera linked to your mobile!

Can the camera work on any wireless monitor instead of phone?

No, BoatTrailers is designed to be used specifically with mobile-only (Android & iOS).

What are the features of this camera?

The camera actually has multiple features that can be used not just for reversing, hitching, and launching! You can even use it for the security of your boat or boat trailer! 1. Motion Detection - With this function switched on, once motion is detected, a push notification will be sent to your device. 2. 24 Hours Loop Recording - By inserting a memory card, you will have recordings of footage to look back on. 3. Supports Multi-User - Multiple mobile devices can be connected to the camera via the mobile application. This is perfect if there's more than one of you in the boat!

Will the magnetic mount withstand if I accelerated?

Yes, BoatTrailers have been tested to stay still even if your boat trailer goes up to 100 miles per hour.

Does this require WiFi?

The WiFi is generated from the camera, so your phone connects to it with its WiFi ability. No WiFi signal is needed on your mobile's end.

How do I charge it, and how long will a single charge lasts?

The camera is rechargeable with the USB cable provided. A full charge should last you up to 48 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
George Kelbley

This product is super easy to install and use, the quality of the video is very clear and crisp! Large battery capacity is enough to keep working for a long time. I've used my camera over 20 times and only charged it once. The magnetic base is great, attaches on my boat trailer very securely.

BOAT? Buy this NOW!!!

So…I just used my magnetic camera for the first time and it worked flawlessly. For years, I have struggled hooking up my boat trailer to my truck. I commute by boat so I’m doing this pretty regularly. Let me just say, this thing is awesome! No, seriously. It worked first time, like a champ…BOOM! Hooked that bad boy up and am on my way. I can’t tell you how much this simplifies things for me. Before, I would have to back up, get out, check to see if I was lined up, then adjust then recheck, and this would go on and on. Sometimes I got lucky and made it in a couple tries, but sometimes it’s just a nightmare! This solves my problem of doing this by myself. I am definitely recommending this camera to my friends!!!

David H

I bought this magnet wireless camera to use to connect my trailer hitches to both my boat and travel trailer. It was easy to use and works very well. It lasts much longer on a full battery charge than expected.
I was very pleased with the strength of the magnet. I forgot to pull it off the tailgate after leaving for a trip. It was still connected after 2 hrs on the Ca freeways.
I would definitely recommend and purchase again.


This is perfect!! It's so hard to reverse with the boat trailer blocking my view all the time and there's no one to assist as I'm out on the sea a lot by myself.

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