Exfolify Exfoliating Glove

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Exfoliate for healthy, beautiful skin

The secret to beautiful skin -Scrub, scrub, scrub. No matter how often you cleanse, moisturize, and treat your skin it will never achieve that beautiful healthy rich glow without proper dead skin removal. 

Why Exfolify?

People often apply moisturizer in hopes that their skin will get silky smooth. The lotion does help to a certain extent but not fully.

You ask why? Your body naturally sheds dead skin cells every 30 days, but that cycle slows down as you get older. If these skin cells are not regularly removed, it can lead to rapid visible aging and a dull look to your skin as well as rough skin. Your skin will produce excess oil and this will lead to skin that has blemishes and spots.


And this is where Exfolify comes to save the day! Designed with premium grade nylon, the glove is completely painless and makes exfoliating your skin as easy as A-B-C!

It’s important to exfoliate your body in order to remove the dead skin cells from the surface and make room for healthy cells. With the right exfoliation, you’ll reveal softer, smoother skin immediately.

Reveal Silky Smooth Skin

Exfolify provides gentle but highly effective exfoliation to deeply remove dead and dry skin cells, improving the health of your skin, making it look radiant and smooth.

Prevent Body Acne

Gently scrubbing your skin can loosen pore blockages and soften hair follicles, thus preventing acne formation and minimizing ingrown hairs.

Revamp your skin from head to toe with Exfolify Exfoliating Glove! The intricately woven design of our unique fabric and abrasives provides deep exfoliation that effectively removes dead skin cells, impurities, and oiliness to achieve that perfectly healthy, glowing skin in no time at all!

Incredibly easy to use, no chemicals needed, simply use the exfoliant on your damped skin and start scrubbing to bring out your skin’s inner radiance! 

Customer Reviews

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Anna S.

I’ve been looking for something to help my keratosis pilaris since I was 16.This glove took all the bumps off instantly and left my skin so smooth! I have tried every kind of sponge, loofah, and brush etc.... nothing ever worked until I found Exfolify Exfoliating Glove! This glove works like MAGIC!

Stacey C.

This Exfolify Exfoliating Glove is amazing and exfoliates well! It works on removing my old fake unwanted tan too! I can’t believe it! I've tried everything for exfoliating and there’s still uneven fake tan left on my skin. I can’t get to tan my skin again because there’s still old fake tans left that I can’t get rid of. So annoying! Good thing I saw this glove online, it works evenly on removing my old fake tans! After thorough scrubbing on my skin and rinsing off, no visible fake tan left anymore, now I am prepping my skin for tanning again! It effectively and perfectly removes my old fake tan while leaving my skin silky smooth and healthy glowing.

John S.

Exfolify Exfoliating Glove LITERALLY changed my life! It completely, TOTALLY changed my skin! I was shocked at how much skin comes off on this glove the first time I use it! The most amazing thing? If you go awhile without taking a showering, like if you have fever and unable to fully shower, your skin will not feel rough and dry like they used to. Your skin will still look healthy glowing! No dead skin cells build up! It must be the glove’s magic! It can deeply remove YEARS of stuck skin cells that weren’t getting removed with other products I used!

Faith S.

Let me start by saying, I never knew that I was a walking, living, breathing freaking mummy, zombie, lady until I used this Exfoliating Glove! I whipped that thing out expecting a bit of skin to fluff off, but what ensued was 30 minutes straight of scrubbing my dead skin roll away quickly! The entire bottom of the bathtub couldn't be seen because of the numerous chunks of dead skin clinging to it.After a shower, and rinsing off my skin, I feel like a different person! My skin feels so soft and looks so healthy!

Nadine A.

Best exfoliating glove! I’ve been using it a couple of times now and it makes my skin feel like a new born skin! I have very dry skin, my husband calls it crocodile skin and sometimes I have dry flakes like a snake! It’s terrible. Since using this magical glove my skin feels so smooth and my husband loves it! No more dry skin, or bumpy skin. It also helps with ingrown and dark spots on skin while exfoliating. I found it works best after your shower.This has cured a life-long issue.