Comb'n Curl Eyelash Curler

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Ready To Change Your Lash?

The all-new eyelash curler you need to achieve a pair of glamorous long, fluttery, healthy, natural looking lashes!


All curlers are the same. Why do I need Comb’n Curl?

We agree, every curler we see from department stores to pharmacies are fundamentally the same. Made from cheap stamped stainless steel with brittle plastic and always seem to take away an eyelash or three every time we use it.

Unlike most cheap curlers out there, our eyelash curlers are made from forged carbon steel. It’s incredibly durable even when dropping it to the ground and won’t develop rust and other stains etching into the finish, lasting an entire lifetime instead of breaking in 3 minutes after holding it.

And unlike conventional eyelash curlers, our unique curlers have built-in comb attachments that help you achieve that finishing touch you need with perfectly curled, separated, and crimp-free lashes that won’t make you lose a single lash from your eyelids. Our cleverly designed flat and curved handles enhance user ergonomics and give them more control and confidence in getting the perfect lashes.

Get those super curled and feathery lashes in seconds!


INNOVATIVE COMB ATTACHMENT — guides individual lash hairs, even the shortest ones, into a fan-like, feathery curl!

CURVED APEX — accommodates for most eye shapes, including hooded eyelids

ERGONOMIC HANDLES — allow for a comfortable grip and less strain caused to your fingers! Bonus: you will never have to worry about your curler slipping from your fingers ever again. Achieve feathery lashes, without the damage!

PERMANENT LASH PADS — lash pads do not need to be replaced like generic curlers! This is a one-time purchase!

MADE OF HIGH-GRADE STEEL — Comb'n Curl is made of the highest grade steel. Fun fact: Comb'n Curl is sturdier than most curlers on the market.

WIDER THAN MOST — the head of Comb'n Curl was created a little wider than most curlers on the market to accommodate for most eye shapes! Ever struggle to curl those outer lashes? We got you covered!

NON-CRIMPING, NON-CLUMPING & no mascara needed to achieve feathery lashes!


1. Simply place Comb'n Curl onto your eyelid.

2. Position Comb'n Curl at the base of your lashes.

3. Gently squeeze as you move up towards the end of your lashes.

Note: Do not apply excessive force. Fully release the handle to avoid pulling out lashes.


Material: Carbon Steel
Size: 3.5cm*6.5cm*11cm
Weight: 28.5g
Color: Blue, Pink, Black

Stop Pulling out your lashes

Whether it's pulling out eyelashes or having them getting clumpy, Comb'n Curl will come to the rescue.

Specially designed with a built-in comb, Comb'n Curl naturally guides lashes into separated, feathery curls without any tugging or crimping.

stay curled

Unlike generic curlers which loses their effect almost instantly without the help of mascara, the Comb'n Curl will stay perfectly curled even without any mascara application!

Perfect lashes everytime.

Built-in comb attachment means that you will get perfect feathery and fanned out lashes every time you use it, and our cleverly designed curved ergonomic handle makes it easier and more comfortable to grip with your fingers as it gives you more control.

Customer Reviews

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Tracy L.

It’s the best purchase I’ve ever had! IMMEDIATELY used it I’m in love it’s so cute and curls my lashes sky high!

Anna S.

I love this eyelash curler it is honestly one of the best ones I've bought. It curls them really well leaving them looking beautiful and not clumped up. I rarely write reviews but this is one that I HAD to because it's such a good one!

Lea U.

Best eye lash curler I have ever used! If you don’t add this one to cart with your other purchases your loosing out 😍😍 just amazing!!!

Rachel P.


Diane B.

I love it and will continue to purchase from you guys!