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Hitch RV Without Trial & Error!


Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera

Now you can hook your trailer up alone without anyone’s assistance

Always not properly lined up & constantly missing the RV hooks?

Now you can confidently hitch any RVs with great precision unassisted!

With the Magnetic Hitch Camera, you can have the camera’s live view showing on your mobile device. Easy to mount and detach, the device’s strong magnetic force allows you to set the camera up literally on any part of your vehicle’s metal surfaces, with absolutely zero wiring or drilling!

Have the perfect unobstructed view while you’re hitching with the Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera!

300ft Digital Wireless Range

You can connect to the camera without Internet connection within a distance up to 300ft. This is perfect for highways and deserted areas with weak Wi-Fi signals.

IP68 Waterproof

You can use the camera whether it's raining or sunny. The suitable temperature range is between -20°C ~ +70°C.

Night Vision

The built-in 4 infrared lights will turn on automatically when the visibility is low, helping you see clearly in night and dark areas.

Easy Installation with Magnetic Mount

No wiring or drilling is required. Designed with a plug and play system, simply mount the camera onto any magnetic surface.

Why The Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera?

Why The Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera?

Perfectly lining up your truck to the RVs before hooking them up requires a skilled driver. To some, it can be a challenging task, especially without any assistance from another person.

The Wireless Wi-Fi Magnetic Hitch Camera provides the easiest way to ensure that you could perfectly reverse and hitch your RV without any hassle. Additionally, for extra security, you could even use it as a surveillance camera to help you monitor your RV, both on the inside and outside.



This rear view camera was easy to install. Great picture quality in day or night. We have it set to where the camera is constantly on and not only in reverse mode. Would recommend for large vehicles due to multiple blind spots.

Patrick H.

The camera system is great too. I installed one as a backup camera on my truck that I can use all the time and the two side cameras under the side mirrors.

Jodi T.

I installed the camera with ease and I love wireless over wired camera. For the price and features this camera set posses it is a steal. These cameras are perfect for RV's which have blindspots. So far I love this camera set.

Gretchen Weza

I bought this item because I wanted to ensure I was able to see what was behind my RV while traveling or backing the RV up when parked. 

Tim Bustad

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